Courtney Lavender (Captive) -- Guitar & Vocals
Susan (Affa): -- Bass
Pam Bluestein -- Drums

Exit have the mysterious "It" that so many bands can only dream of having. They are powerful, evoking, and emotionally impactful. Not enough adjectives? Get into this band NOW, before you can no longer claim that you "knew about them before everyone else".

-Todd Richards, host "Running Late", WBWC Radio Cleveland

"This is the group known from this day forward as EXIT." -- Bono, 2005

The "group" has become an ever-changing entity. But what hasn't changed is the love for music or the dedication and commitment to making art. Here's a brief and convoluted rundown:

EXIT Mach I (Dec 2000 - June 2002) - Courtney, Nikki, Affa and Pam celebrate their love for U2 as a cover band, riding on the buzz of a crazy, passionate fanbase. Good times are had.

EXIT Mach II (June 2002 - April 2004) - Courtney, Nikki, Affa and Pam take a left and head into Original Band Land, making their first demo and embarking on life-changing journeys to play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the El Mocambo in Toronto, and USO and NATO bases in Bosnia and Kosovo. Nikki decides she prefers a different life and bids the others a fond adieu.

EXIT Mach III (Nov 2004 - Jan 2008) - Courtney, Affa, Pam and new singer Trevi find themselves in unlikely places such as Vicksburg, MS and Council Bluffs, IA, rockin' it up all the while. In November of 2005, Bono (you know, that bloke from U2), pulls the four girls on stage to a packed Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The lads hand over their instruments and arena owners wonder where the ceiling went. A second demo is recorded. Trevi encounters voice problems and bids the others a fond adieu.

EXIT Mach IV (Jan 2008 - Apr 2008) - Courtney, Affa and Pam experiment as a three-piece. The wind shifts and Affa bids the others a fond adieu. Friend and fellow duck Lissie is available for four string plunking and vocal duties, and steps up to the plate.

EXIT Mach V (Apr 2008 - Feb 2011) - Courtney, Lissie and Pam play a few gigs but mostly write and sing, testing the waters. Affa steps back into the picture.

Which brings us to:

EXIT Mach VI - WAVE OF THE FUTURE! Wherein EXIT embark once again on the quest for the perfect frontman.