ENTER #16 -- 14 nov 2005

The last time EXIT took the stage, it was to play U2's instruments in front of a crowd of 20,000 at the Staples Center. Do you find yourself wishing it could be like the "old days", when you could enjoy a whole set of EXIT's original tunes in a more intimate environment? Well, mark your calendars, because this Friday is the night your wish will be granted:

Friday, November 18th @ 11pm
14 Below
1348 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 451-0251
Cover $8.00
$6.00 with flyer

Check 'em out in the small clubs now, while you still can!

Things haven't really slowed down since November 1. The girls have given several radio interviews, most notably when Captive spoke with KROQ's Kevin + Bean and Affa had a chat with the people at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC even played "Shove" after the interview! Also, there has been quite a bit of print coverage, with newspapers as far away as New Zealand carrying the story. You can find audio downloads of some of the interviews on exit-band.com. While you're there, check out the photos taken at the show by some talented audience members.

In other media news, EXIT stopped by the studios of EXTRA TV last week and recorded an interview which should be broadcast in the next few days. As soon as we find out the airdate, we'll post that info on the site. And be sure to check your local newsstand next month for the Jan/Feb issue of Blender (with Kelly Clarkson on the cover), which will contain a blurb and band photo.

In the midst of all this madness, the band has been working on new songs, so when you come out to the show on Friday, be prepared for a few surprises.


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