Tues, 23 Dec 2003 22:03

and the night is set to freeze

austria i have lost track of how many hours it took to get us here. last i counted it was 32, and that was a good hour or two or maybe even three before we finally made it to the base. 2 hours before leaving for DC, four hours on the flight, three hours in dulles airport, nine hours on the flight to vienna, five hours in vienna airport, one hour flight to sarajevo, three or more hours on a tour bus to somewhere else in bosnia. the ground feels like it's moving beneath me, but i know it's not. did i mention i only slept one hour before waking up at 3:15am monday?

into sarajevo i listened to passengers on the flight here, and pavarotti's voice burst in on miss sarajevo just as the wheels of the plane hit the ground. there's a tv, cd player and dvd player in our tour bus. pam accidentally packed the sydney dvd thinking it was the cd, and we watched it twice. those trabbies? and the zoo sign? we played under those, exit did. and now we're here. this is something... but i can't comprehend how big it is.

"people of sarajevo.. count your blessings. there are people all over the world who have food, heat and security.. but they're not on tv like you are."

we drove across the bridge over the centre of the city, looking down on what was once known as "snipers' alley". the buildings are rebuilt, the city looks healthy. or, it did in the dark. am extremely curious to see it in daylight.

sarajevo international i'm really not sure what to make of this all yet.. we only just arrived, really. all i know is that we went to the mess hall/cafeteria and i sat behind a dude in uniform who had his gun resting on the floor between us. and by gun i mean huge, scary rifle.

and i've never seen so much snow. it's coating everything, and still falling. when we landed, the flakes were sticking to the windows of the plane and i just stared at them. the detail in such tiny, fragile little things is magnificent.

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