Wed, 24 Dec 2003 21:35

i won't heed the battle call

military escort the days are long. we were up early and on the bus to northern bosnia this morning. we drove two hours or so and blasted let it be naked, magical mystery tour, and war. moving down the narrow road, military escorts before and behind us, staring out at the snow. so much snow. the houses with their pitched roofs, some abandoned and unkempt, and others with families roasting whole pigs over fire. i must say, listening to war in that environment was like nothing else. the words and the sounds of the album have never seemed so relevant.

affa soundcheck set up and soundcheck took forever, but it was the first one so i'm assuming the longest. the show got off to a shaky start, fifty or so soldiers, dressed in fatigues, sitting on benches. there were a few technical problems as well (difference in voltage and such) but luckily they got out of the way pretty quickly. by the end of the first set i still wasn't sure what to think. to say the least, it's bizarre to look out upon these people, in this situation here, and wonder what the heck they're thinking of us. but the second set seemed to really catch hold of some energy. it took off with bullet the blue sky, which we put before sunday bloody sunday and then seconds. i've had emotional experiences playing those songs before, but not quite like tonight. i think it was nearly like slane for me, in relevance. i want to write a song with that much power, with that much strength and protest and desperation, that makes me feel that way every time we play it. most of all, i want to then play it and others like it to the world.

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