Fri, 26 Dec 2003 00:29

dancing down the hallway in my party dress.. bouncin' off the walls

tonight we met U2 fans! this time when nikki asked if there were any in the crowd, we got loud yells from a few clumps around the room. it was brilliant, because i would look over at one guy in particular who was singing along every word to bad and ultraviolet - to everything for that matter - and he spurred me on. i felt that we got the energy up immediately this time, instead of having to warm up to it. the U2 fans didn't hurt, either. i knew we'd find some over here... there are too many in the world not too. we even found pj harvey fans! in short, we were pumped, and the gig was inspired.

talking to people after the show, signing cds and pictures for them... it's cool. i'm so curious about them, what their lives are like here, what they were like before they came over, what they will be like. i want to go to their cities in the states like they say, see what the club scenes are like in minneapolis, chicago, D.C., milwaukee, san francisco. and i could get so used to being taken care of in this way, carted around, meeting people, playing our music.

mac, the dude who's looking after us, is great. he knows what he's doing, he is clear with us, and also gives tips to us in a supportive way. i think he's taken a liking to us, too. we need someone like him around us always. unfortunately, we're losing him and the tour bus on sunday, i think. then we're off to vienna for a night, then to kosovo. they've got a different company down there, and apparently things are a bit different. it should be interesting. anyway, mac has a website, and he's already got pics of us up. the pictures convey the feel of the constant presence of the military, what the land looks like, the cold and snow, and how the stages (or lack thereof!) are. last night there were benches the guys were sitting on, and after two songs one guy stood up, pushed his bench forward, and sat right in front of us. even better, the rest of them all followed. the show last night was a bit more intense, tonight felt like a bit of a party. tonight is(/was) christmas, and some said we made it feel more like it actually was.

snowball fight i've been thinking about what bono says about innocence. about how he had a certain naivety that he thought he should lose, how knowledge and experience were more important, and how now he realises just how powerful innocence is. i know i've seen things others never will, but i also feel like we are young, open, and willing. i think that can take us places. i never would've realised that what bono says is true and that i should hold on to and treasure it; my thinking was much like his. i wonder if he could ever understand all that he shows to us.

today we met the sgt. major and his 'sidekick', and it was surprisingly cool. i would expect someone in his position who's been doing what he has for so long to be used to the rigidity of the army, the straight lines and no bullshit. but both he and the 'sidekick' were cracking jokes, taking the piss, and generally being lovely. not like i expect them all not to be human, but meeting everyone reinforces the idea that those down here are indeed real people.

icicles the escort we had on the bus today (who saw us play last night) said something that stuck with me, too. we were talking about the people of bosnia and their way of life and somehow that led to him saying that basically, there are a lot of them out there just waiting for the military to get out of here so they can "start it up again." chilling.

chopper ride in the morning. madness.

happy christmas.

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