Tues, 30 Dec 2003 16:44

achtung, baby

blink and you're in another country.

leaving sarajevo
yesterday we left butmir (*sniff*) and flew to vienna to spend the night in a hotel. i guess there are no direct flights from sarajevo to pristina. unfortunately, we didn't get in til kinda late, so we just crashed. we looked out the window in the morning and our view was concrete, some houses and grey sky. "so this is vienna," nikki joked. so disappointing to be such a cool place and have no time to explore. we have another layover there though (on friday), so we'll make the trek into the city (the hotel is by the airport) and fuck sleep. how often is one in vienna?

this is vienna we were up and out early for kosovo. we pretty much just got here. the rooms are a bit nicer on this base - we've got bathrooms and even tvs, vcrs and cd players. but the land seems different somehow. not as much time to recover, perhaps? i'm hoping to gain more knowledge of its history whilst here, but i'm not sure we'll get a tour or even have anyone to inform us.

we've each had some strange dreams in which people have died. nikki reckons it's our surroundings and what we're seeing daily that's doing it. surely she's right.

tomorrow is our new years eve show; we saw them setting up balloons in nets in the venue/gym thing. that should be pretty cool. time over here takes on a completely different feel. it doesn't seem it's christmas/new years. later i'll probably be wondering why they never happened. and it seems like we've been over here like two or three weeks, but it's only been a little over one. two more shows, then back to vienna friday and home on saturday.

i miss sarajevo already. our last night there i stayed up til 4am listening to the popmart show. incredible to hear and be able to picture the surroundings. i also was able to fully understand a few things that i used to take slightly differently. for instance, bono says at the end of i still haven't found what i'm looking for, "i can't ask for anything else.. this is it! this is it!".. i used to think of it more as him being grateful for their voices backing him up. now i'm sure he meant he couldn't ask for anything more than to be there, singing for them - real, surviving, living people. and their voices singing back at him - strong, united, powerful. "better to be here than anywhere else in the world, tonight."

today, driving to this base from the airport, we listened to achtung baby. not like i didn't already know, but hearing one with these visuals, there is a different feeling i have now about why bono makes it a point to sing the song wherever he goes. i'm not sure i can explain it, but it is something i feel very strongly.

"bosna i hercegovina, i don't have to tell you... to be united is a great thing, but to respect difference may be even a greater thing."

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