Thu, 01 Jan 2004 02:39

all is... not so quiet

i am completely, utterly wrecked. i don't know why, as we've been doing a fair amount of resting.

we got off stage about two hours ago. somehow, despite the lack of alcohol, the people on this base are mad. mad, i say. they've got a dj and the gym is just like a club. my throat has been killing me for about three days and it's taken some of my voice with it. i was less than full of energy, but it didn't seem to put a damper on the festivites. when it hit midnight they dropped balloons from nets and everyone blew their horns and went apeshit. it was all very surreal to me. it's what year? it's what day? what month? what city am i in? which country?

apache today before the show affa, pam and i went to visit some guys they'd met in the cafeteria who wanted to show us the helicopters. great guys. we first were shown the blackhawk and they had me sit in the pilot's seat. they told us how they're flown and other assorted stuff then led us to the apaches. basically the apache is a war helicopter. it's meant for firing missiles, bullets, you name it, and is built for protecting the pilot. the technology they have for making sure the targets get hit is unbelievable. it's skinny and sleek and resembles some sort of bug. they insisted i sit in that one too. they then proceeded to show me which set of controls fires the missiles. blackhawk i asked if these helicopters are being used now for anything, and they told me there is an area of land not too far away where they practice firing for precision, but that's it. they are also the kind that are over in iraq, afghanistan, were used in the gulf war, etc. they then explained the differences between them and the cobra, which was used in vietnam. how many people have they killed with bombs and bullets? how many have been killed riding in these machines, by being shot, having the engines shot out, or the blades crashing thru the windows upon impact and beheading them? too, too many.

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