ENTER #2 -- 30 july 2003

Are you ready for another EXIT update? Well then, read on...
The next gig will be all ages. That's right, kids, ALL AGES! So, bring your moms, your pops, and your little bro and sis for a rockin' good time. (Second cousins and step-grandparents are also welcomed).

Date: Sunday, August 10th
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: The Mosaic Cafe www.themosaiccafe.com
Address: 7216 Valmont Street, Tujunga, California
Phone: (818) 690-0044
Etc: $7.00, and did we mention? It's ALL AGES!

In case you missed the show last week at the Foxx Club, please visit the shows section of www.exit-band.com for some photos fresh from the digicam. More pictures will be added in the next few days, as soon as they can be developed and scanned. The old school way may take a bit longer, but the results are definitely worth the wait. Also coming soon, a review of the Foxx show, so stay tuned.

Calling all mixmasters! Do you find yourself mentally adding a wicky wicky in between beat breaks on "In My Youth"? Have you always wondered what a trip-hop version of "Jukebox" would sound like? Why not do it yourself? EXIT want to hear how you would remix their tunes. Cook up something tasty and send your links to admin@exit-band.com.

Lastly, we want to make this mailing list as interactive as possible. What features would you like to see added? Contests? Interviews? Affa's Fashion Corner? Please send any ideas you might have to enter@exit-band.com.

Thanks again for your support! Until next time...

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