ENTER #3 -- 21 aug 2003

Greetings and salutations EXIT fans!

Hopefully the dog days of summer haven't been too rough on you all. The gals have been busy getting their rock on and there seems to be no stopping them. But before the pimping of upcoming shows can begin, a big shout-out is in order to all the peeps who made it to the Mosaic Cafe. (which was neither Mosaic, nor a Cafe. Discuss.) Unusual surroundings aside, EXIT appreciate everyone who made the trip to Tujunga to catch the show. You really made it fun for them and they hope you had a good time as well.

And if you missed out on that, be sure to catch one (or all, why not?) of their upcoming gigs:

Date: Friday, August 22nd
Time: 10:30 pm
Place: The Foxx Club
Address: 3387 Motor Avenue, Culver City, CA
Phone: (310) 839-2500
Etc: 21 and up/$10 cover/50 minute set

There will be people traveling from near and far to catch this show. Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will be representin', so there is a very real possibility of an international incident. You wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you?

If, for some reason, you can't make it this Friday, there is another gig booked at the end of the month:

Date: Saturday, August 30th
Time: 8:30 pm
Place: 14 Below, www.14below.com
Address: 1348 14th St., Santa Monica, CA (corner of 14th and Santa Monica)
Phone: (310) 451-5040
Etc: 21 and up/$10 cover

Perhaps your social calendar is already booked for August. If this is the case, then I encourage you to clear your schedule of all obligations the evening of Friday, September 12th. Because that is the night of EXIT-a-Go-Go. That's right, friends. The girls will be kicking some Whisky ass that night and you do not want to miss it. You know how they tear it up even if they're rockin' a masonic lodge? Imagine what kind of heat they can bring to the stage of the Whisky. This is definitely a must-see event. And get this: if you buy your tickets early, you score a discount. There are a limited number of pre-sale tickets available, so be sure to order them ASAP. Payment info can be found at www.exit-band.com if you click on the shows link, but here is the basic 411:

Date: Friday, September 12th
Time: 9:00 pm
Place: The Whisky-a-Go-Go, www.whiskyagogo.com
Address: 8901 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA
Phone: (310) 652-4202
Etc: $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door ALL AGES WELCOME!!!

And while you're at the EXIT website, deciding if paypal or a check would be more convenient for you, be sure to click on the EXIT Fans Show Their Love link, to hear and see some of the fantastic contributions they've received. The remix of Shove gets Affa's "coolio" stamp of approval.

Speaking of EXIT endorsements, we recently asked them what their favorite sights, sounds and flavors of this summer have been. Here's what Captive had to say:


music: i've been obsessing over everything sting, and radiohead's "the bends" (full album), and pj harvey's "one line" from "stories from the city, stories from the sea". GUH.

song that for no apparent reason won't get out of my head: "tomorrow we'll see" by sting.

song that for obvious reasons won't get out of my head: "power cut" by paul mccartney.

am reading the ground beneath her feet (again.. cos i never finished the first time) and parts of the flanagan bible (U2: at the end of the world), as usual.

the radio sucks arse and i've been waiting, glued to crappy ass STAR to hear the new sting song that i've only heard a clip of (from www.sting.com). it is wearing on me, i need this song, dammit.

[update: i heard "send your love"!

there's no religion but the joys of rhythm
there's no religion but the rites of spring
there's no religion in the path of hate
no prayer but the one I sing

yeah, baby!]

if you're wondering what my current food interests are (as i'm sure you all are): i've been craving iced coffee. and squirt. just not together. and you simply must try the new crunch bars with caramel in them. ohyes.

and then mars was all, "what's goin on man?! KABOOM!"


Stay tuned for more fave raves. And if you can think of any other features you'd be interested in seeing here at ENTER, drop us a line at enter@exit-band.com.

As always, thanks for your support. Until next time...

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