ENTER #4 -- 7 sep 2003

EXIT in the house! (or, rather, in your mailbox)...

Hello to all the new people who have recently joined and welcome back to the rest of ya'll. Here's what's been shakin' with Pam, Affa, Cap and Nikki over the last couple of weeks.

The show at the Foxx Club on the 22nd was a great success, due in part to such an outstanding show of international support from the GTAers. Thanks, eh!

The following week, the band kicked out the jams at 14below. The setlist was packed with new songs and an EXIT-ized version of that sweet little ditty about prostitution called "Roxanne". The venue was filled with hard rockers and after the show, Christine said, "(Nikki) had the room full of metal heads in the palm of her hand (from the first) song and they never looked back."

You can read the rest of Christine's fantastic review and more at the new Yahoo Group created for EXIT fans. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EXIT-US/ and join in the fun. If you're lucky enough to have seen them in concert, you can share your experiences. Or, if you are geographically challenged, you can read the firsthand reports of how they continue to rock LA like a hurricane.

Another hot topic of discussion on EXIT-US is the upcoming show at the Whisky. Here's the dealio:

Date: Friday, September 12th
Time: 9:00 pm
Place: The Whisky-a-Go-Go, www.whiskyagogo.com
Address: 8901 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA
Phone: (310) 652-4202
Etc: $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door ALL AGES WELCOME!!!

(Anybody remember those 80's television commercials for "Crazy Eddie"? He was a discount electronics salesman that always tried to convince the consumers that he had lost his mind, as that is the only reason he could offer his merchandise to them at such low prices. His stare was maniacal, his voice boomed, and he flailed his arms about. Imagine this next section as if it were delivered to you by Crazy Eddie. Come on! It'll be fun!)

NOW is the time to order your advance tickets for the Whisky show. Our prices are INSAAAAANE! We here at EXIT pass the savings on to YOU! We have SLASHED prices by over 33 PERCENT! If you come to the Whisky on September 12, you are going to get $15 worth of ROCK MUSIC! But if you act now, you can get that ticket for the low low price of just TEN DOLLARS! We've got to be INSANE to offer such an incredible discount! Supplies are limited, so ACT NOW, before we come to our senses!!!

See? That was fun, wasn't it? Okay, so let's lay it on the table. There's something in the music biz called "pay-to-play", which means that any given band must guarantee X number of tickets will be sold to their show before the venue will even pay them. So, if they don't sell the predetermined number of tickets, that money comes out of the band's pockets.

It sounds whack, but it is actually quite common and it's just part of playing in LA. Bottom line: EXIT would love to sell all their tickets before the show. So, if this whole Crazy Eddie shtick hasn't completely alienated you, then please read on for details on how you can support the band, and get a discounted ticket at the same time. Win-win baby!

Credit cards or bank transfers through PayPal:
account# exitmanagement@exit-band.com
Payments will be accepted up to 12:00 pm on the day of the show (subject to availability).

All payments received by September 9th will be mailed out. Payments received from September 10 - 12 will be held by Christine at the door.

Thanks again for your support!

And now for something completely different. Part two in our continuing series: "Getting to Know the Ladies of EXIT Just a Bit Better". Last time around, Captive revealed the culinary delights of iced coffee and Caramel Crunch Bars. This time, Nikki shares with us her favorite sights, sounds and flavors of this summer:


- "Sweet Jane". I'm addicted to her. The Cowboy Junkies' version of the song, actually. It's like rich chocolate cake & Irish coffee, just...*Mmm*. I really can't stop listening to it.

- Radiohead's "Idioteque". I can't stop comparing & contrasting the studio recording with the LIVE version. *aw* live, it's so FREAKin' awesome. Ice age coming, ice age comin' AAAAAHHH!!! Throw it in the fire, baby. They really rip it up there...

- So what's up with this mercury/mars retrograde shite? I think it's serious, people. Serious! It seems no one is functioning properly, everyone out there is acting a little more stupid, a bit more aggressive and just INconSIDerate. Is it me? Is it L.A.? I dunno. But here at work, the morons just keep comin'. Everything seems a little outta whack. People...

- Flavor of the month = Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Frozen Yogurt! I highly recommend the 1/2 brownie 1/2 cookie dough. Finding a bite with cookie dough in it is the beeeeeest. I lawv cookieeeees! COOOOOKIE MONSTERRRRR!

- Tom Leykis on the radio after work. Interesting stuff. He's kind of a rat bastard. But I like what he has to say to the idiots of the world. He tells it like it is.

- In the automobile CD player, I've got a mix of the new Blur--Think Tank, the Beatles' White Album, this new absolutely smashing band called THE WALKMEN, and Supergrass' new one...what is it...Life On Other Planets? Tracks 1 & 3 on that one are eeeeexcellent.

- In the home CD player, I WAS playing Christopher O'Riley's classical piano tribute to Radiohead, but I've lent it to Affa. (I need it back, baby!) It's really beautiful and I highly HIGHLY recommend it. I found it to be a new take on familiar songs...enough to make ya cry...or maybe it'd be brand new to you!...whatever the case, get it. Try it. You'll like it.

- And on the turntable this week, I got Sam Cooke, the White Stripes, Joan Jett & T. Rex, rock-n-rooooolllll!

- I'm goin' to Disneyland.


And finally, we are delighted to announce that another remix has been added to the website. A very talented fella called Rob has put a new spin on "In Again" and you can check it out by surfing over to www.exit-band.com and clicking on the EXIT Fans Show Their Love link.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Until next time...

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